Tara, collab!

How exactly does it work?
  1. First, we have a chat! After you fill out the creative brief form, I'll reach out to you so we can arrange a video call or meeting. You do the talking, I do the listening. I'd like to get to know more about everything you envision to create.

  2. I'll send you a proposal. Now that I've heard what you want, I'll come up with a proposal document containing project budget and timeline for your review. This proposal document will be hosted on Google Docs and will be trackable as we go through the project using time-stamped comments. Once the proposal is approved, we proceed to signing the contract.

  3. We sign a contract and I collect 50% down payment. Before I begin any work, I'll collect 50% of the estimated project. This ensures that you and I are equally invested in the project moving forward. I'll bill another 25% after my initial presentation (#6), and the final 25% (#9) along with the final and approved project files!

  4. I'll present two different mood boards, and then you may choose which one to further develop. We hop onto another video call or meeting, much shorter than our first, so I can present the two mood boards, you can share your thoughts, and we can decide in real-time which of the two to further develop and finalize.

  5. I get to work! Once you've approved a mood board, I will take days or weeks of work—depending on the project scale. Within the working process, we may send a few checkin emails to make sure we are on the same page as we progress.

  6. I'll deliver two design concept packages for your approval. I'll present once again either in person or on a video call two concept interpretations of your chosen mood board. I can share and talk about the design choices I made and hear your initial feedback. We'll also give you a copy of a PDF deck, referred to as Round 1 Update Deck, containing the proposals.

  7. You share feedback and I revise. After your feedback, I'll integrate the suggestions and officially start Round 1 of revisions. I usually take days to weeks depending on project scale to integrate the revisions. I'll be sending the revised PDF—referred to as Round 2 Updates Deck—but it will be a lot better if we can go over them in another brief call or meeting.

  8. Another round of feedback, another round of revisions. I usually accommodate two rounds of revisions on outputs. As such, you may still share your feedback on Round 2 Updates Deck, I'll integrate these—officially starting Round 2 of revisions, and then I'll deliver Round 3 Updates Deck as final. If you have additional feedback when you see the Round 3 Updates Deck, I will charge a continuation fee for each additional round of revisions.This helps keep feedback clear, specific, and concise while saving both of us time and energy.

  9. I'll deliver final project files. After your final feedback is incorporated, I will deliver the final files as specifically outlined in our contract. I will then send our final invoice for remaining balance of the project—including adjustments for scope changes, continuation fees, production costs, etc.

Ready to collaborate?

Fill out the creative brief form below and I'll reach out to you immediately so we can have an initial call or meeting!

For other inquiries, contact me at abiebungay@gmail.com